Upstream Oil & Gas Strategist

Our client is seeking an Upstream Oil and Gas Strategist to join the Strategic Planning Department of Corporate Planning organization based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The role is to act as a Corporate Advisor for oil and gas related business issues and provides insights to the Strategic Planning Department, the Corporate Planning organization, the CEO and members of Corporate Management. The post holder will serve as the Company’s foremost expert in the strategic planning for the oil and gas business, both conventional and 

The core function of the Strategic Planning Department is to lead the annual strategy development and planning process, including the development of the strategic investment and resource plan. The Department’s role also includes providing the strategy perspective to major corporate decisions and ongoing strategic topics. The department also leads analytical work on long-term performance/progress on strategy implementation.Minimum RequirementsBachelor degree in Engineering (preferably in Petroleum Engineering), Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Financial Management or closely related specialty. 

At least 15 years of experience in the oil and gas business with a global energy think tank Consulting firm or a major oil and gas company, of which at least 5 years were in strategic or corporate planning. 

Must be: 

Fluent in English (both spoken and written). 

Able to demonstrate the ability to use spreadsheets, word processing, PowerPoint, and the required econometric software. 

Strong communications skills and ability to present results. 

Able to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Excellent research, analysis, and decision making ability as well as being able to keep abreast of topics which affect the evolving global energy market. 

Able to produce high quality reports, studies and presentations 

Able to work effectively within small teams, with minimum supervision and on relatively unstructured tasks. 

Strong organizational and teamwork skills and be able to meet tight deadlines under pressure while sustaining the quality of both the analysis and the presentation of the assigned work.Duties & ResponsibilitiesYou will be required to perform the following: 

Provides corporate advice and guidance on the development of the Company strategic goals and plans, for the oil and gas business, to the CEO and members of Corporate Management. This includes providing insights on business integration between Upstream business and other businesses that make the overall Corporate Strategy such as Power and Downstream. 

Directs a group of strategists and professionals responsible for articulating and crafting oil and gas business section of the Company’s Strategic Plan, which includes conducting strategic analysis, assisting in the strategic direction and developing the Investment Plan. 

Participates in the development of the long-term capital and resource allocation for the Upstream business. 

Build strong relationships with the thank tanks and industry experts and keeps abreast of key developments in the oil and gas business and other areas that could impact the Company’s competitive performance capabilities to unleash the Kingdom’s oil and gas resources in the most economical way. This includes developments in technology, geopolitics, regulations, Saudi government plans, and the oil and gas industry in general. 

Independently initiates research on a wide-ranging topics that look into the long-term scenarios that might impact the Company’s competitive advantage in the oil and gas business. Prepares research and special studies and analyses as required, for the Corporate Planning organization of various Corporate Committees. 

Collaborates with the Business Lines and various Corporate Planning departments to validate/confirm results of studies and independent research on long-term global trends and energy industry evolution, with a view to determining the impact upon the Company and the Kingdom’s development.

Review the Company Business Plan before approval by the Management Committee (MC) to ensure that the 
Business Plan is alignment with the Company’s Strategic Plan, focusing on the Upstream business. 

Represents the Company, when required, in conferences and seminars. Prepares and presents lectures, both inside and outside the Company, on subjects related to the oil and gas business that cover various issues, e.g., long-term global oil and gas industry trends and the impact of technological breakthroughs. 

As required informs management of recommended courses of action to mitigate losses and maximize profits, when significant events occur that can adversely affect the Upstream business long-term goals.