Senior Vice President Drilling and Drilling Services

Objective of the function

The Senior Vice President Drilling and Drilling Services leads the Business Group Drilling and Drilling Services and drives the growth and operational performance of the Business Group.

Responsibilities / Result areas

Lead the Drilling and Drilling Services Business Group

  • Develops the Business Group strategy based on our clients corporate strategy
  • Develops the annual operating plan for the Business Group, including budget impact
  • Define and monitor the implementation of the strategy by setting objectives, monitor and evaluate results to ensure that they are in line with the strategies of our client
  • Identify and capture synergies (commercial and operational) within business group and between business groups
  • Accountable for delivering the strategy and the results set out in the operating plan and the strategy
  • Assures compliancy with HSE standards
  • Attract, retain, motivates and develops the employees in the Business Group to reach their full potential
  • Builds and maintains relations with leaders in the field of Drilling and Drilling Services, managing directors of JVs, government officials and board members

Manage and deliver growth of Fully Owned Companies

  • Define and monitor implementation of the strategy
  • Support management team(s)
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Performance manage Group’s financial, commercial, operational and QHSE results

Manage JVs

  • Recommend optimal governance structure
  • Provide support to our clients JV board member(s) by analyzing JV performance and highlighting priorities/issues
  • Work closely with and monitor performance of our clients JV board members
  •  Support JVs though informal channels, if appropriate

Build the Business by acquisition or mergers of new businesses or services

  • Identifies and leads new business and growth opportunities in Drilling Services
  • Leads the negotiation and acquisition of target companies in coordination with the M&A function
  • Leads the post-acquisition integration or merger activities

Drives Technology Development

  • Drives the optimization of the current services and processes by innovative solutions
  • Drives the development of the integrated services portfolio

Member of Management and Talent Committee 

  • Develops and implements together with the other members of the Management Committee the Corporate Strategy of our client
  • Develop proposals for the Board of Directors and advises Board Members on Drilling and Drilling Services matters
  • Report and share information with the board to ensure they are kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it

Experience / Education

  • Engineering or Science Master Degree from a globally recognized Business School or University
  • Excellent knowledge of Oil Field Service activities in general and specifically in Drilling or Drilling Services
  • Knowledge of the latest technology developments
  • Minimum 20 years’ international experience in leading and developing Drilling and Drilling Services
  • Successful track record in the integration of companies in the Oil and Field Services and creating value out of the integration
  • Active network of leaders in the industry

Skills / competencies

  • Leadership skills
  • High Performing Team building skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Drive for building superior talent
  • Action oriented
  • Takes ownership and acts upon it
  • Externally oriented
  • Influencing skills
  • Networking skills