Senior Operations Drilling Engineer

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2 year residential contract in Qatar

This position is primarily accountable for engineering activity covering the planning, program preparation and execution of drilling and workover operations within DW team. As part of the drilling engineering team, you will deliver engineering design, program preparation and operational support on new and existing wells. Working with multi-disciplinary teams, you will ensure drilling programs, program amendments and derogation to company referential are prepared on schedule and are adequately risk assessed.

Within the drilling team, the operations drilling engineer:
- Prepares well design following WSOR process in line with the company rules and procedures
- Prepares well drilling programs optimizing cost and lead times.
- Accounts for efficient monitoring of drilling operation including collision avoidance and timely reporting of deviation from plan.
- Participates in CFT process and ensure the suitability of contracted services, equipment and personnel vs. operational requirements.
- Continuously searches for innovative approaches to improve operational procedures, equipment and contracted services.
- Accounts for quick implementation of lessons learned
- Accounts for timely and accurate Final Well Report

1. Health Safety Environment
- Identify all drilling risks and ensure accompanying risk register for every well operations is included in drilling program
- Ensure all other HSE requirements and lifting colour codes are highlighted in drilling program
- Prepare exemption dossier when required and ensure risk analysis is performed for all non-routine operations.
- Ensure that company safety standard is maintained in all worksites.

2. Drilling Operation preparation and monitoring
- Well preparation in close corporation with RGS (WSOR) with clear definition of the objectives of the planned well covering trajectories, casing design, specific drilling challenges and associated cost estimates, reduce well complexity, perform torque and drag studies, hydraulics studies, anti-collision screening.
- Wells Trajectory design and optimization to reduce or eliminate collision risk.
- Prepare well programs, organize DWOP with onshore team and pre-spud meeting with rig site teams
- Prepare planning schedules, and required progress time curve for well, follow daily progress and provide detailed programs for non-routine activities liaising with Drilling Superintendent.
- Regular presentation of design decisions and progress to hierarchy, partners and regulators.
- Ensuring drilling performance and daily cost is accurately captured in daily drilling reports and dedicated reporting software
- Performance follow up and optimization: develop strategies, and engage with contractors, base and rig site team.
- Provide engineering support/advise to the rig on program implementation.
- Regular rig visits: safety meetings / campaigns / audits, quality reviews and operations follow up.
- Completing final well reports with emphasis on ensuring high levels of data quality is reported and that lessons learned are captured in after action reviews and dedicated software.
- Participate in technical studies to improve drilling operations.
- Participate in Call for Tender for drilling service contracts.

3. Additional job roles
- Provide drilling engineering input for the initial screening of opportunities to improve recovery and or increase rate
In the select phase, work in an integrated team to mature workovers, re-drills and infill wells. This includes drilling or workover feasibility evaluations, equipment availability, advise technology solutions, initial cost estimate of the selected option(s).
- Act as Lead drilling engineering New wells
- Lead important engineering studies to optimize drilling operation
- Mentor other young drilling engineers

Solid and extensive Drilling Engineering experience
Communication skills, adaptability
Mandatory training as per HSE training matrix