Senior Drilling Representative

Overall Purpose

Reporting to the Drilling Superintendent; to manage the drill crew and other service providers offshore, to ensure that all drilling, completion and work-over objectives are delivered safely and in accordance with Apache policies, procedures and legislative requirements.

Principle elements of the role or accountabilities:

Demonstrate HSE leadership.

Ensure that all well objectives are delivered in a manner that safeguards the health and safety of all personnel, the environment and the integrity of company assets.

Ensure that drilling, work-over and completion operations are implemented in accordance with Apache policies, procedures and legislative requirements.

Ensure that all rig activities are; discussed in a planning meeting, covered by written work instructions, covered by procedure, properly risk assessed, understood by all personnel involved in the task and reviewed in order to capture lessons learned.

Conduct well control drills to verify the ability of Drilling Contractor personnel to identify and contain an influx.

Investigate all incidents promptly to determine root causes. Halt operations if necessary to gather evidence. Instigate immediate changes to equipment and/or procedures as required, to prevent reoccurrence. Compile reports per Apache and legislative requirements. Ensure that disciplinary action is taken when appropriate.

Instigate and manage any well incident response offshore per Apache well incident response manual. Manage, coordinate, supervise and monitor Drilling Contractor and Service Provider activity according to approved programmes and procedures.

Maintain a close working relationship with the shore based team and discuss well critical decisions prior to committing to previously unplanned courses of action.

Seek formal dispensations for significant deviations from the approved program.

Ensure that critical operations, such as pulling out of open hole sections, cementing, casing running, leak off tests, pressure tests, inflow tests and well control operations are properly supervised, witnessed and recorded for the well file if appropriate.

Witness any specialist operations.

Develop, with input from Drilling Contractor and Service Provider personnel, clear and concise written work instructions. Issue work instructions to all relevant parties.

Hold daily meetings with rig management and service personnel to coordinate work.

Create a culture of team-working at the well site.

Ensure that formal and thorough written hand-over notes are given between the off-shore Apache Drilling Representatives at each shift change.

Provide cover for the Apache Drilling Superintendent. Liaise with platform management and Well Services personnel to plan and prioritise operations in the best overall interest of Apache

Ensure that an excellent path of communication is established with the Apache offshore Materials Controller and that he / she is fully aware of the logistical requirements on a continual basis.

Complete an Open Wells daily drilling report, including explanation of why events occurred and outlining the basis of any decisions made. Accurately account for periods of non-productive time.

Ensure that chemicals used are recorded and reported per regulatory requirements.

Provide end of tour reports to the Apache Drilling Superintendent. Hold meetings with the Apache Drilling Superintendent before and after offshore tour

Promote a proactive approach to continuous improvement and organisational learning. Ensure that lessons are captured, acted upon and recorded for future retrieval. Ensure positive feedback is given to personnel.

Minimum Qualifications / Experience:

15 years of experience in the Drilling Industry

Degree Qualified

Team Player with ability to lead

Excellent communication skills, verbal and written

Ability to travel offshore

Valid IWCF Well Control Certificate

Offshore Medical

Offshore BOSIET