About us

The combination of Upstream and UpstreamOnline is a first choice for companies recruiting the best oil and gas industry talent. Here are some of the reasons why they should be top of your recruitment schedule: 


  • Careers is a dedicated, priority section for UpstreamOnline’s 174,218 unique users (abc electronic)
  • All vacancies are advertised across the site ,including the homepage
  • Daily newsletter with careers advertising increases exposure
  • ‘Job alerts’ mean users can register ongoing interest for specific positions
  • Highly flexible and measureable
  • Increase frequency and be classed as a ‘Premium Upstream Recruiter’ with all its benefits.
  • Annual agreements are available at up-to-90% discount compared with ad-hoc advertising.

The paper

  • A global vehicle reaching 30,417 top industry professionals 
  • 75% of Upstream subscribers are management with 25% top of their companies
  • Unique readership profile – many readers don’t read any other oil and gas publication
  • Dedicated and well known recruitment section in the paper