Job nr. WTVN01374

Job Title Mechanical/ Rotating Inspector

Contact name Vinay Nalubala

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Short job description

Mechanical/Rotating Inspector will assist in the approval of equipment, installation, inspection and testing, and procedures.

Main job description

The responsibilities of Mechanical Inspector position will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist in the approval of installation, inspection and testing, and procedures. 
  • Conduct inspection on CONTRACTOR's supplied equipment and materials as well as field equipment to ensure compliance with specifications and codes. 
  • Witness hydrostatic tests and satisfactory operation of in-line items such as valves, orifice, drain system, PSV etc.. 
  • Inspect equipment/pipe supports and hangers to ensure all are assembled and secured correctly and that the line can be safely loaded. 
  • Maintain all test records. 
  • Participate in the resolution of the quality problems.
  • Carry out detailed visual inspection on equipment and recommend strip-down if necessary to ascertain speedy and safe commissioning of mechanical items. 
  • Coordinate with CONTRACTOR to minimise work interference and delays due to procedures, testings etc. 
  • Prepare schedules covering his works when required by project controls section. 
  • Assist in preparation of field change notices, extra work orders and back charge notices when required. 
  • Anticipate and take corrective actions to prevent quality problems, failures, defective works and deficient reports. 
  • Submit daily work activity report and other reports as required.  
  • Ensure safety standards and requirements are observed and bring policy matters to attention of superiors. 
  • Maintain records on test, evaluation and measurements.  
  • Participate in the resolution of the quality problems 
  • Cooperate with and assist CONTRACTOR and others, where possible, in the achievement of quality goals. 
  • Review electrode selection, storage and maintenance. 
  • Ensure acceptable fit-ups including joint edge preparation and configuration.  

Company description

A major Oil and Gas Company operating in Middle East.

Location Basra, Iraq