Job nr. WTVN01373

Job Title Pipeline Inspector

Contact name Vinay Nalubala

Contact email

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Short job description

Pipeline Inspector will coordinate closely with CONTRACTOR to minimise work interference due to engineering or construction quality problems.

Main job description

The responsibilities of Pipeline Inspector position will include but are not limited to the following,

  • Coordinate and control the engineering aspects of the project, including additional drawings modification etc. 
  • Assist in resolving site technical queries, project progress, identify schedule slippage and technical issues and recommend recovery plan or rectification measures. 
  • Make necessary amendments, as built drawings and project completion report. 
  • Maintain records on test, evaluation and measurements.  
  • Participate in the resolution of the quality problems.
  • Maintain records of works performed within assigned responsibility and ensure quality of material used, verify qualification of personnel performing the work, ensure approved methods are used,  
  • Cooperate with and assist CONTRACTOR and others, where possible, in the achievement of quality goals. 
  • Prepare schedules covering his works when required by project controls section. 
  • Assist in preparation of field change notices, extra work orders and back charge notices when required. 
  • Conduct dimensional inspections as required for verifications.  
  • Interpret results of radiography and other NDT methods.  
  • Monitor project welding quality. 
  • Evaluate, verify or check adequacy of welding equipment.  

Company description

A major Oil and Gas Company operating in Middle East.

Location Basra, Iraq