Job nr. WTZM01300

Job Title Technical Director Facilities Engineering

Contact name Ziad Mohamed

Contact email

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Short job description

Provide leadership and direction to company’s facilities engineering (FE) function to ensure that FE staff reach their full potential and that FE activities are delivered safely, to a high technical standard and are done in a cost efficient manner.

Main job description

  • Provide leadership to company in all aspects of facilities design and technology to ensure that company facilities meet the highest safety and technical standards
  • Manage the Head Office (HO) facilities engineering team to achieve results in a safe and environmentally sound manner
  • Bring together the facilities teams from the regions to achieve cross company learning and enable cost efficient planning across the whole company
  • Put in place and manage facilities engineering standards and processes that ensure that the safety and technical aspects of all facilities projects in COMPANY are of the highest level
  • Ensure adherence to company rules and regulations regarding HSESR
  • Ensure safe working practices and conditions
  • Ensure compliance with all company and other environmental regulations, policies and standards
  • Participate in incident investigations and implementation of corrective measures as required
  • Encourage commitment to quality from all employees and contractors working on facilities projects
  • Ensure quality indicators are in all contracts and performance is evaluated
  • Ensure that the performed work is technically sound and viable ·         Communicate with company senior management to ensure that the performed work meets their expectations
  • Utilize in-house and (when required) external expertise to improve the technical quality of the performed work and ensure deadlines are met
  • Utilize, where appropriate, new technology to achieve improved results and/or cost savings
  • Control and supervise facilities programs, AFEs and plans for facilities projects
  • Assist project teams in preparing short and long term work plans and in managing the execution process, with suitable tracking mechanisms
  • Through periodical controls, ensure that progress is in line with the project schedule and the generated work meets expectations 
  • Ensure compliance with Contract terms and conditions

Company description

Multinational E&P

Company Location Salmiya, Kuwait