Job nr. WTZM01298

Job Title Lead Reservoir Engineer - Simulation

Contact name Ziad Mohamed

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Short job description

Build and run complex/large model(s) with different regions using compositional simulation. Identify and quantify risks associated with E&P development projects. Review and perform reliable history match on well tests and obtain sound/reliable forecasts based on uncertainty and risk analysis. Provide models and input to low/mid and high case reserves estimates in accordance with international reserves classification and reporting.

Main job description

  • Participate in integrated reservoir studies with personnel from geosciences, operations and engineering. Ensure individual deadlines are met
  • Review and provide feedback on the inputs required to generate reliable simulation models (e.g: geological/petrophysical aspects). Inject ideas to improve available data and recommend additional data (if required)
  • Perform quality control of the output from work undertaken ·         Instruct and verify cost estimates relevant to the workload including any outsourced services
  • Conduct reservoir simulation studies using Eclipse black oil and compositional (E100/E300) simulator. Perform history match and “predict” future reservoir performance considering low, base and high cases based on uncertainty and risk analysis. Provide optimized development plans (using input from company economists and geoscientists) based on the prediction runs
  • Perform analytical/numerical studies as requested by the Technical Director Reservoir Engineering and Reserves; including, pressure transient tests, reservoir material balance (e.g., MBAL), short and long production performance forecasting, feasibility studies, sector models, sensitivities, etc.
  • Participate in the study of equation of state characterization (i.e. CME, DL/CVD and ST) as a requirement to perform compositional reservoir simulation modeling
  • Review reservoir simulation methods currently in use and establish procedures for quality management. Ensure consistency among different subsurface disciplines in the simulation model. ·         Provide timely production adjustment plans, well stimulation and IOR/EOR recommendations according to integrated reservoir studies
  • For future PVT data acquisition, advise on the design of fluid sampling procedures, sampling activities, laboratory studies and quality evaluation of studies to determine validity of data. 
  • Evaluate terms of reference for reservoir engineering studies and assists in defining detailed specifications for the various phases of work. Includes determining best suited simulation model, preparing detailed specifications for various phases.
  • Assess resource requirements for reservoir simulation studies and collaborate with field development personnel as necessary, including participating in the preparation of annual work programs, evaluating manpower requirements for reservoir simulation, requirements for computer hardware (workstations) and software and prepare appropriate implementation plan.
  • Help on the selection of appropriate additional software that could be used to enhance reservoir simulation output.
  • Perform other similar or related duties such as undertaking special studies outside the scope of the reservoir engineering group as requested by the Technical Director Reservoir Engineering and Reserves.

Company description

Multinational E&P

Company Location Salmiya, Kuwait