Production Technologist

07 Dec 2012
04 Jan 2013
Firaz Hameed
Contract Type
Full Time

Production Technologist: Staff: Germany: Heidelberg

My client is conducting an extensive 3D seismic acquisition project in the Rhine Valley and Bavaria in Germany. Interpretation of the data will commence soon.
The target sandstone reservoirs are expected to contain substantial volumes of rather heavy oil (800 - 1000 cP at surface), are believed to be geologically complex (i.e. in a tectonically active area) with possibly substantial fracturing and compartmentalization.


Provide production technology solutions to oil and gas projects.
Deliver functional well designs that account for the entire lifecycle of the producing asset.
Work closely with well engineers in preparing completion design and perforation strategies to optimize reserves.
Perform integrated production system analysis enabling selection of optimal development options and identification of production enhancement opportunities.
Understand, analyze and describe the physical constraints applicable to well/reservoir/field production (e.g. sand, water, gas production, scaling potential, corrosion potential) to predict well behavior.
Develop proposals for interventions (e.g. workovers, rig-less interventions, acid jobs) to increase production.
Monitoring operations and equipment & systems performance & safety.
Provide the link between surface and subsurface engineering to strengthen the multidiscipline approach and ensure delivery of an integrated development solution.


Technical skills:
A proven production technology / engineering background in the upstream oil & gas industry, preferably in Western Europe with at least 10 years of experience.
A Petroleum Engineering M Sc degree (or equivalent)
Experience with heavy oil, EOR, surfactant flood, water or steam flood and with fractured (compartmentalized) sandstone reservoirs is preferred.

An entrepreneurial attitude and a pioneering mindset that fits the style.
Self motivated and a self starter.
Ability to work in a low-cost environment (big corporation attitude will not work).
Non-conformist thinker with willingness to take risks, but share in the profits, if successful.

Fluently speak German and English; knowledge of Dutch would be an advantage.

Please send your cv to if interested.